Friday, April 23, 2010

Youth Convention 2010!

Pastors' attending the convention offered their service for the youth convention, including the national leader, Rev. Kung kimsan (with Ptr. Som On, others pastors who helped were Ptr. banyen and Ptr. Piseth) demostrated the spirit of servanthood by cleaning the tables and mopping the floor after every meal.

During worship time, the youth were dancing to the praise and worship songs. Friends from Japan attending the convention enjoyed their time with the youth as well.

Yes, that's Tomo and Tero, delagates from Japan. We are praying that this youth convention have blessed them and lead their way back to God. They are both sons of a faithful believer in Japan and they were going to church in their childhood. Somehow along the way, they have lost focus but we pray that they will find their way back to God in ways such as this youth convention. Please pray with us.

The youth who expressed their intention to be baptized received final intruction and explanation on the meaning of baptism. Here you are seeing pastor Banyen explaining the candidates what baptism means .

These are the young people who expressed their desire to be baptized. They were filled with joy as they lined up getting ready for the baptismal ceremony.

New members of the family of God singing "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" after they all have been baptized. This is a public testimony as they declare their faith to those people around them.

Newly baptized believers praying together praising and offering their lives to God.

After the baptismal ceremony, Rev. Kung Kimsan, had his time to relax.

Above is a picture of Rev. Kimsan and Ptr. Banyen praying for the newly-wed Ptr. siden and wife (picture together below).

Sokha was not a Christian when they got married two weeks before the convention. Since Ptr. Siden brought his youth from his church, his wife came along too. During the last day of the youth convention, after the lecture of Greg, Sokha was one of those who came forward to surrender their lives to God. And in the afternoon, she was one of those who was baptized.

Sometimes, we sould not take life too seriously; learn to have fun and enjoy it. Pastors and youth alike had fun together at the water park.

Final night; final challenge. Greg giving the challenge to remain faithful to Christ till the race is completed. " I have fought the good fight...I have finished the race...I have kept the faith" (The Apostle Paul)

Resie handing out awards

Youth coordinator, pastor Romdenh Chamnol (Titus) receives a simple gift from Resie as a token of appreciation for his hardwok for making the convention successful.

The following photos are the intensified prayer time concluding the convention.

Praying in public demands that we get off our focus on ourselves and others. When you pray in public you forget people around you because your only audience is God.

Life is not always fun time. There is time to enjoy life and a time to get down to a serious spiritual bussiness. Prayer makes this possible.

Unreserved expression of praise and gratitude! This is Chumraen, the youngest daughter of Rev. Kung, Kimsan.

Giving it all to God in prayer!

Your posture doesn't matter when you pray, what matters is your heart totally in tuned to God. (Pastors Rotha, Banyen, and Kimsan.)

The overall campion receive the most award. That's the purple group.

And we celebrate the success of the youth convention 2010. Thank you for the generousity of friends and supporters abroad. Thank you for the many prayers you poured out for this event and for our youth. It is our prayer that these young people will continue to run and finish the race.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kampong Cham Women's Conference

The dry rice field after the harvest...
In one corner evolved a beautiful tent set up for the women conference...

During the singing session...
Nekru Sopheak Mony giving her strong exhortation on living a transformed life.
Ma'am Grace gave the first lecture...
The attentive women...

The men volunteered to cook and served for the women. Most of these men are not Christians but volunteered because they counted the event as a community affair.
The delicious lunch meal, rice porridge with sprouts and lime. You notice sodas were also served. Ten bottles of 2 liter sodas was also donated by a non-christian man from the community.

After lunch, we were invited to the home of the elders and we spotted these rice. These are the sacks of rice collected by the cooperative during the harvest time. More rice will be collected later. I like to mention again here that a member can borrow 100 kilos of rice during the planting time and then return 130 kilos during the harvest time.
Resie giving her greetings just before her lecture

The very attentive women
Virginia teaching on Christian marriage and raising godly children
Ptr. Kieth giving the encouragement to the women at the end of the conference
Presenting present to the leaders of the cooperative in both community
Before we were dismissed, Ptr. Menghong called for a prayer of healing to those who are having soar throat.
Ptr. Menghong serving the women
The delicious pork curry and french bread for supper
Their transportation called "Rumo"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Work Teams in Action!

Ptr. Sideth of Kampong Chennang is a doctor by profession. He assisted the medical team from North Carolina doing the clinic in his local church.

While the doctors and the nurses were bury with the medical consultations, the counselors were busy evangelizing and counseling and praying for the patients.

We like to call him Dr. Elmo. He has a big and generous heart for the Cambodian people.

Nathan speaking at Kampong Chennang church with Ptr. Chamnol interpreting.

Nathan doing the finishing touch of those cabinets for the students' dorm of WBI.

The Mitchel Wesleyan Church team praying for the handicap girl at pel Chrum, Ptr. Kieth's 3 months old cell group.

Praying for an older woman at pel Chrum.

Ptr. Kieth Nash sharing the gospel through illusions

Susie teaching the proper nutrition

Ptr. Kieth Nash making a beautiful music out of a saw.